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SYDNEY - ( S )
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May 1855 1926

The Sydney Mint in Sydney, Australia, is the oldest public building in Australia. Built between 1811 and 1816 as the southern wing of the Sydney Hospital, it was then known as the Rum Hospital. In 1854 a mint was established on the site with the hospital building used to house mint staff as well as providing a residence for the Deputy Mint Master. A coining factory was built at the rear.

The Royal Mint and the Coining Factory (1855-1926)

The British Secretary of state gave acceptance to the colonial government to establish a mint in Sydney which was to be the first branch of the Royal Mint outside England. The rear side of the mint became the coining factory. There were frequently major upgrades on the mint during the late 1800s and the early 1900s. However, by 1926, with the Melbourne and Perth Mints having much better technology and being more profitable, the mint was closed.

Located in Sydney's CBD at 10 Macquarie Street, it is near many other famous Australian historical buildings including Hyde Park Barracks, the Queen Victoria Building and Parliament House.

S letter meaning this coin was minted in Sydney mint (Sovereign coin from 1879) displayed at the bottom below wreath
S letter meaning this coin was minted in Sydney mint (half sovereign coin from 1916) displayed on top of date below horseman and dragon

S - Sydney ( Australia )

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