25 ct. coin from 2000P United states

Cdb: G028002

25 ct.


New Hampshire

quarter 2000 Large Obverse coin

quarter 2000 Large Reverse coin

Coin Description

Obverse : Head of Washington, facing left with LIBERTY to the right, IN GOD WE TRUST to the left, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA above and the QUARTER DOLLAR below.

> Reverse : "The Old Man of the Mountain." The state motto, "Live free or die," and nine stars, signifying the fact that New Hampshire was the ninth state to ratify the Constitution, NEW HAMPSHIRE 1788 above and 2000 PLURIBUS UNUM below.

Diameter ( mm ) Weight ( gr ) Thickness ( mm )
24,30 5,67 0,00
Edge Metal Mint
Reeded 75% copper and 25% nickel Philadelphia
Circulation Mint sets Proof
673.040.000 1.490.160 3.097.442

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