8 Escudos coin from 1760MM Spain

Cdb: L260101

8 Escudos


Imaginary Bust (Mexico type) - Golden Fleece hung

Large Obverse for 8 Escudos 1760 coin

Large Reverse for 8 Escudos 1760 coin

Coin Description

Obverse : Armored bust, golden flece hung between date and REX, facing right; "CAROLVS·III·D·G·HISPAN·ET IND·REX·"; (date) below, between dots.

Reverse : Crowned Arms in Collar of the Golden Fleece; "NOMINA MAGNA SEQUOR"; o over M (monogram) below at both sides of golden fleece, M at both sides of Mint Marrk.

Diameter ( mm ) Weight ( gr ) Thickness ( mm )
37,00 27,07 0,00
Edge Metal Mint
Milled 90.1% Gold Méjico
Mint Details
Mint Mark Assayer Mark Assayer Name
Ceca Mo MM Manuel de León - Manuel Assorín
Circulation Mint sets Proof
0 0 0
Catalogue references
Cayón Calicó Fuster/Guerra
12736 69 ******

coin data
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