4 Maravedies coin from 1652 Spain

Cdb: F050207

4 Maravedies


Counterstamped 4 maravedies

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no coin image available yet

Coin Description

Counterstamped over several maravedies coins of FELIPE III AND felipe IV, in some cases over older coins even Romans.

Obverse : 4 with 2 poins above and two roses below, all witin a circle.

Reverse : (date) at center, cross above and o over T below between dots.

Diameter ( mm ) Weight ( gr ) Thickness ( mm )
0,00 0,00 0,00
Edge Metal Mint
Smooth Copper Toledo
Mint Details
Mint Mark Assayer Mark Assayer Name
none none
Circulation Mint sets Proof
0 0 0
Catalogue references
Cayón Calicó Fuster/Guerra
5186 ****** ******

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