5 Francs coin from 1868A France

Cdb: S210311

5 Francs


Laureate Bust

Large Obverse for 5 Francs 1868 coin

Large Reverse for 5 Francs 1868 coin

Coin Description

Obverse : Laureate bust facing left; "NAPOLÉON III EMPEREUR", A.

Reverse : 5 F on both sides of a displayed eagle on a lightning surrounded the collar of the Legion of Honor on two scepters stitching placed in saltire, based on an ornate tapestry ermine of the interior and bees on the outside, topped by a crown imperial crusaders which depart two ribbons; bee, (date) and anchor below, "EMPIRE FRANÇAIS" above.

Diameter ( mm ) Weight ( gr ) Thickness ( mm )
37,00 25,00 0,00
Edge Metal
*****DIEU*PROTEGE*LA*FRANCE 90.0% Silver
Mint Details
Mint Mint Mark Year
Paris Ceca A mint mark 1868
Mint Director Mint Director's mark
Alfred Renouard de Bussière bee Mint Director Mark
Engraver General Engraver's mark
Albert-Desiré Barre anchor Engraver Mark
Circulation Mint sets Proof
6.520.459 0 0
Catalogue references
Le Franc Krause
F.331/12 32.1-1868

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