10 ct. Euro coin from 2006 Italy

Cdb: IT040005

10 ct.


1st Series

10 cent 2006 Large Obverse coin

10 cent 2006 Large Reverse coin

Coin Description

Obverse : Twelve stars surrounded the Birth of Venus, (date) over Stylized RI ( Repubblica Italiana ) at left and mint mark at right.

Reverse : 10 on the right-hand side, below EURO CENT in two lines; Six straight lines run vertically between the lower and upper left hand side of the face, 12 stars are superimposed on these lines, one just before the two ends of each line, superimposed on the mid - and upper section of these lines, the European continent is represented; the initials ‘LL’ of the engraver appear between the numeral and the edge on the right-hand side of the coin.

Diameter ( mm ) Weight ( gr ) Thickness ( mm )
19,73 4,10 1,93
Edge Metal Mint
Scalloped (ribbed edge) Copper alloy Rome
Circulation Mint sets Proof
179.940.000 50.000 10.000

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