5 Centimes coin from 1856B France

Cdb: S070031

5 Centimes


Bare Bust

Large Obverse for 5 Centimes 1856 coin

Large Reverse for 5 Centimes 1856 coin

Coin Description

Obverse : Bare bust facing left, encircled by dots; "NAPOLEON III EMPEREUR", above and anchor, (date) and harmer and pick crossed below.

Reverse : Spread eagle facing right over rays, B below, "EMPIRE FRANÇAISE" above and "CINQ CENTIMES" below between stars.

Diameter ( mm ) Weight ( gr ) Thickness ( mm )
25,00 5,00 0,00
Edge Metal
Plain Bronze
Mint Details
Mint Mint Mark Year
Rouen 1856
Mint Director Mint Director's mark
Ernest Dumas
Engraver General Engraver's mark
Albert-Desiré Barre
Circulation Mint sets Proof
14.714.480 0 0
Catalogue references
Le Franc Krause
F.116/31 16.2-1856

coin data
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